Aquarium Heater Guide

The temperature of your aquarium is a very important factor to the well-being of your fish. Fish are cold blooded animals, which mean they rely on their surrounding environment to control their body temperature. Having a reliable heat source is important for the survival of your fish. Check out our selection of heaters.

Types of Heaters
First, you need to know about the different types of heaters. There are four types that you may come across: submersible heaters, immersible heaters, substrate heaters, and filter heaters.

Depending on the size of your aquarium, you may need a different sized heater. Before buying a heater, verify your tank size in gallons. Heaters come in several variations that can accommodate aquariums of all sizes.

In case your tank is not large enough to contain a regular sized heater, you may need a mini heater. These will be able to fit in small fish bowls or tanks.

Placing your heater near the maximum water flow is allows for optimum usage of your heater. This allows for heat to be evenly and quickly distributed around your tank. 

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