Guide to Koi

Guide to Koi


 Koi fish come from the Japanese word for carp, since they are ornamental variations of the carp. Koi were introduced in 19th century Japan, where colourful versions of the carp were kept and bred as ornamental fish.

Due to the popularity of Koi over the world, they have become invasive fish and scattered throughout. 


    Koi normally live up to 20 years, but with the proper care, they may even live up to 50 years. 


     Koi are omnivores that eat seeds and plants, algae, zooplankton and insects. They may also feed  on fish eggs. The best diet includes a mix of both commercial and natural foods. 

    Koi may freely eat food that can be found in a pond, such as insects, insect larvae, brine shrimp, and water fleas. The majority of their nutrition comes from these factors. 

    If feeding commercial foods, make sure to feed your Koi high protein foods, with pellets that can reach all depths.

    Habitat and Environment

    1. 23°C - 30°C (74-86°F)
    2. pH between 6 - 9

      Behavior & Compatibility

       Koi live best among other carp species. Smaller minnows and killifish are also welcome. Another pond mate is goldfish, which are a very popular mate for koi.

      Other pond mates include catfish, bass and also amphibians, such as frogs.

      Tank Size

      A minimum size tank/pond size is 250 gallons for a single Koi fish. For a school of Koi, we recommend 1000 gallons and a depth of 6ft.

      Different Types of Koi

      • Butterfly Koi
      • Japanese Koi
      • Dragon Koi
      • Black and White Koi
      • Gold Koi
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