Guide to Betta Fish

Guide to Betta Fish


Also know as Siamese fighter fish, betta fish are very popular fish, especially among starters to the fishkeeping community. They are beautiful and vibrant fish, which many people love to look at. Taking care of your betta requires little knowledge and responsibility, making it the perfect starter fish.


    When purchasing a betta, verify that your betta fish are healthy. We always make sure that we sell only healthy fish to customers, so that is not a worry! Betta can live for an average life of 2 - 4 years, up to 10 years.


     Bettas love variety in their diet. Usually, you would want to feed them Betta pellets, and supplement with frozen brine shrimp and frozen bloodworms. Be sure to defrost completely.

    Our recommended feeding schedule is as follows:

    • Two small feeds per day (2-3 mediums sized pellets per feed)
    • Once a week, you may treat your betta fish with freeze dried/frozen blood worms

    It's very important that you DO NOT overfeed your Betta. Overfeeding is harmful to the Betta's healthy and may cause a buildup of ammonia.

    Habitat and Environment

    1.  Although betta fish can accommodate to small spaces, we recommend a tank size of at least 3 gallons.
    2. 25°-26° C
    3. Avoid direct sunlight! Additional heat would embrace unwanted algae growth
    4. Betta fish can jump! Place a secure lid on your tank
    5. Leave some room in your tank for the betta to swim to the surface and take in some oxygen
    6. Establish a regular day and night cycle, by providing a light source during the day and turning it off at night

    Behavior & Compatibility

    Never place 2 males or a male and female together, unless for breeding! Bettas are very aggressive fish. Female bettas, however, may live together in groups of 5 or more. Bettas may be compatible with some tank mates, such as mystery snails, ghost shrimp, feeder guppies, corydoras, rasboras, neon tetras, plecos, and kuhli loaches. Always consult one of our specialists before introducing other fish to your aquarium.

    Recommended Equipment

    • Heaters are recommended (buy an appropriate size for your aquarium)
    • Caves, or places to hide provide a safe home for bettas
    • Substrates, rocks, plants and sticks are welcome

    Different Types of Betta Fish

    • Half Moon 
    • Half Moon Plakat
    • Koi
    • Black Samurai
    • Crowntail 
    • Delta
    • ... and many more!
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